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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a fascinating compound that occurs naturally within Cannabis plants. However, unlike the closely related Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, this is a product that will not get you high.

Although CBD and it’s research has only just started to gain mainstream attention and therefore funding, in recent years studies have suggested that CBD can have excellent positive effects on those who suffer from a range of conditions, including anxiety and chronic pain.

You may be new to the world of CBD and could be unsure of the various ways in which you can take these types of product, if so please let Beliebis UK introduce you to four fundamental methods:

Sublingual - Via Drops Under The Tongue

Were you to invest in your health by purchasing CBD oil, the first method you will likely come across is the sublingual method.

This method is by far the most common and consists of merely absorbing drops of CBD oil under your tongue. This method, while not fancy, it is straightforward and practical - there is no preparation involved and can take less than a minute in total.

In comparison to some of the other methods mentioned below, traditional CBD oil in a tincture form is also a more affordable option, while still having one of the highest levels of bio-availability (the measurement of the amount of CBD absorbed into the bloodstream).

Due to the speed and amount of CBD that can enter the bloodstream via the sublingual method, you may begin to notice its effects from five minutes after applying.

CBD Gummies in 3 different sizes
Beliebis UK's CBD Gummy Range

Ingestion Via CBD Capsules, CBD Gummies Or Food

CBD Capsules are an exceptionally convenient way to take CBD Oil and have some significant advantages over other methods. One of these advantages counters the worry that some potential consumers have concerning how to dose, having accurate pre-dosed capsules alleviates this issue altogether!

Another great benefit of CBD capsules is that they are easily swallowed and disguise the hemp taste, which some users may find odd at first.

CBD gummies and drinks also share this advantage which can be an excellent way to supplement discretely at work or out in public. At Beliebis UK one of our favourite ways to add CBD to our diet is to mix a few drops of our High-Strength CBD Oil with a cup of herbal tea, so much so that we give complimentary herbal tea with every order on our website!

It is important to note that absorbing CBD via the digestive tract has a lower bioavailability than sublingual drops and will also take slightly longer to take effect, from 30 minutes and upwards. However, studies have shown that the method of ingesting CBD capsules or gummies, for example, will result in the Cannabidiol staying in the bloodstream for longer.

Inhalation - Via Vaping

This method has quickly grown in popularity, especially amongst younger users of CBD, despite the uncertainty surrounding its safety. To vape, a liquid mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine containing CBD and often chemical flavourings is drawn over a heated element inside a hand-held device vaporising the liquid which is then inhaled by the user.

Due to absorption through the lungs and this method’s high bio-availability, you may experience the effects almost immediately. However, the impact may not last as long as drops or CBD capsules, for example.  Due to several recent, tragic deaths related to vaping and the advice of Public Health England Beliebis UK currently does not produce or sell CBD e-liquids.

Woman using CBD skincare products
Woman using CBD skincare products

Topical - Via Skin

You will be amazed at the various options that are available to you when buying CBD-related items. One of these options is topicals, and they come in a wide variety of products. Some of these products include CBD face and hand creams, muscle rubs and CBD massage oil.

It is worth noting that if you utilise an array of lotions and balms, the effects will be concentrated explicitly to the area that the CBD cream or ointment is applied.

Research is still in an early stage regarding CBD and the treatment of skin conditions, but initial studies show potential for improved acne, eczema and psoriasis. Due to this potential Beliebis UK are excited to be developing a range of CBD skincare products!

About Beliebis UK

If you have been searching for pure CBD oil for sale in the UK to add to your health and wellness routine, you should seriously consider Beliebis UK.

We are a family-run business that places honesty and integrity at the heart of what we do. We provide exceptional CBD oil products; not only due to our fantastic prices, which are competitive-yet-affordable, but also the purity and strength of our laboratory tested oil.

Should you wish to try any of our products or have any questions regarding CBD, get in touch via the Live Chat on our website to reach out to our team, who will be happy to help!

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